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Our teams and Go Safran


Since the beginning of June, our mobile sports app ‘Go Safran’ has been available to all Group employees. Whether a walker, runner or cyclist, at Safran Transmission Systems almost 200 sportsmen and women - regardless of their level - have got involved in this truly unifying project.

The Go Safran app records and analyses three types of sporting activity i.e. walking, running and cycling. Once divided into teams of 12, Safran Transmission Systems employees had just one goal in mind: to win a maximum of points so that their team could head the league table!


Everyone contributes based on their individual strengths

By taking part in a sport of their choice, employees can win points for their team. Their level is not important, which means that everyone can contribute to the collective effort!

“For colleagues who are not into sport, we have quizzes! Some colleagues have even been swatting up in this category to win extra points for their team!”, explains Patricia with a smile. In addition to physical performance, quizzes on the theme of health, Safran, its companies and different business activities can also earn extra team points.


Go Safran - a unifying project that encourages integration

Go Safran is an app available to all Safran employees. It makes it possible to form ties with colleagues who work in other Group companies. The ‘Les Pinions*’ team, comprising 11 sports enthusiasts from Safran Transmission Systems who work in R&T and after-sales, have been able to meet new people thanks to Go Safran. “We met a colleague working at Safran Aircraft Engines and we’re now in regular contact.”

Sport seems to be a great way of uniting teams. For Benoît, a newbie at Safran Transmission Systems, Go Safran helped him integrate the company. “As a newcomer to the company, I was contacted by a dynamic and motivated team who asked me to join their group.”


Forming ties outside the professional environment

Being part of a team that shares the same sporting values and goals has encouraged employees to talk to each other and take part in activities with their colleagues outside the working environment. Go Safran has encouraged members of the ‘Les Pinions’ team to organise sporting outings with colleagues usually between noon and 2:00 p.m. “We’ve been using the nearby Parc de l’Ile Marrante to go jogging. We also visited the Olympic Stadium and the Colombes swimming pool - as a group!” 

And not forgetting the health benefits, “One thing is certain, everyone in the team has been doing more sport!”


* Pinions: a contraction of the words ‘Pignon’ - one of the main components of our power transmission systems – and ‘Minions’, the name of the famous yellow cartoon characters who are always running around searching for their holy grail: a banana. The term ‘banana’ is also the nickname given to our power transmission system due to its characteristic shape.