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Open Innovation: participate in the Safran Challenge Link initiative!


On April 1, Safran launched its first call for proposals on its Challenge Link platform. The goal is to solicit ideas from outside entities to resolve a technical problem, with the first challenge focusing on high-performance optics and metrology... Are you ready to step up to the plate?

Adjustment of the alignment of a part on an interferometric bench to measure its quality.

On its new Challenge Link platform, Safran has launched a call for proposals organized by Group employees. Industrial and academic innovators (working for a company or a lab) are invited to submit solutions to detailed technical problems. Throughout the year, several challenges will be featured. Follow the adventure!


The first challenge is launched

The first challenge focuses on high-performance optics and metrology. At the request of Safran REOSC, a world leader in the design, production, and integration of high-performance optics, the first challenge will task the participants with developing a technology to move a target around a mirror without damaging its surfaceLearn more.

Got an idea? Think you have what it takes to tackle this challenge? Then go for it!

Applications are open for two months.

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Open Innovation at Safran

Open Innovation is about seizing innovation opportunities, whether they come from inside, a start-up, another large company, or even an academic institution. The goal of this process is to effectively connect with innovation, wherever it may be, in order to gain more agility and open up new possibilities. In this way, Safran is contributing to a collaborative R&T approach.