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“The online list of our repair capabilities will make life easier for our clients”


As from the beginning of this month, a list of Safran Electrical & Power repair capacities is available on our website. The purpose of this digital tool is to make life easier for clients of the company. How? We put three questions to Charlie Roy, Marketing and Sales Strategy Manager at the Customer Support and Services Department.

Can you explain what the list of our repair capabilities is?

C.R.: It’s a list of the equipment that we have the capacity to repair according to the different certifications issued by the aviation regulatory authorities - FAA, EASA and CAAC. We created a web interface based on this Excel list. When they consult this page, our clients can find out what our repair capacities are and where exactly we carry out repairs: in one of our Safran sites or in an authorized repair center. They can search by Part Number, program, repair site, certification, etc., in order to best meet their needs.

Were large amounts of data used to develop this tool?

C.R.: Yes. We’re talking here about 1200 part numbers in total, fitted on 245 platforms (aircraft or engines), which are repaired on 18 different sites: 8 Safran sites and 10 authorized repair centers. It's sprawling!

What will this list change for our clients?

C.R.: With a few clicks, our clients will gain access to the repair capacities of 18 maintenance centers. Previously, this search would have taken weeks because of the large number of sources and formats. Users can search by equipment part number, type of aircraft, ATA chapter, certification, repair center, etc., so the tool is just as useful for clients who need to repair equipment immediately as it is for integrators who want to set up their supply chain.

We’ve had good feedback about the tool from everyone who has already used it. It’s practical and intuitive.