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One brand for one Group


On May 19, 2016, the Group’s companies came together under one brand: Safran. The Safran emblem thus became their exclusive logo and, at the same time, their corporate names changed to combine the Safran brand with a description of their activity. The purpose of this change? To strengthen the Group’s position as a world industry leader and accelerate its development in France and internationally. One year and a half later, some testimonies from the field.

The "human" Safran logo
Following the plenary sessions participants were invited to put on their caps and T-shirts in Safran's colors (blue, light bue, white) and form a "human" Safran logo. The event finished with a visit to one of the most impressive aerospace collections in the world, at the Le Bourget Museum of Air and Space, followed by a party.

Christine Orfila, Director of the Brand and Image Unit at the Group’s Communications Department

“This operation marks the culmination in the growth of the Safran brand, which has seen company logos change in stages since the Group was founded in 2005. It was a good time to refocus, as it was seen as an obvious step, both for employees and for our customers and partners. Safran has become an integrated Group and this has taken place smoothly and over time. Today, we can see and gauge, for example in the media, but also among our customers and stakeholders, how this focus on a single brand has raised the Group’s profile, given it a more recognizable identity and strengthened its reputation.



Jean-Pierre Moneger, General Manager of Engie Cofely, provider of facility management services

“Founding a large Group and embodying it through a single brand is an important step. We went through this experience with Engie. As a partner, we are proud to have signed a single contract for all Safran sites. In this way, we are contributing to the standardization of the services we provide to our client, while providing better quality in the right place and at a lower cost.”


Jean-Michel Hillion, Safran CFM Senior Vice President Boeing Programs, Seattle, USA

“This unification of companies under one Safran brand was viewed very positively by Boeing, I can even say that it corresponded to an expectation on their part. Our client sees it an opportunity to simplify our collaboration and make it more efficient – and this has in fact turned out to be the case in the past year. I also think that it helps to improve Boeing’s perception of us. First, in terms of dimension, because with the new names, companies are dealing with the customer primarily as part of the Group, but also and especially in terms of business development . When meetings are held with representatives of Safran Electrical & Power, after talking about the systems that concern them, their counterparts at Boeing can for example discuss a need they have in terms of landing gear... Because they are familiar with the range of products that Safran has to offer.”


Erik Buschman, Airbus SVP Propulsion Procurement

“Airbus had already a close relation to all the various Safran subsidiaries. This may even intensify with the new branding. The umbrella branding under Safran will further strengthen the perception of the various businesses and products to be Safran (engines and nacelles, systems and equipment, electrical assemblies…), similar to the transformation undertaken by Airbus in 2014. It’s a good start to improve your R&T programs, to enhance efficiency and consequently improve value for Airbus and our customers.”


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