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New SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS


Essential equipment for Search and Rescue operations within the armed forces at Safran Electronics & Defense

SARBE G2R ETL EVO, 6-406G EVO RLS, G2R EVO Beacons range
SARBE G2R ETL EVO, 6-406G EVO RLS, G2R EVO Beacons range

Emergency beacons, vital equipment in emergency situations... But what exactly does the new SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS offer? What technological advances sets it apart? How does this beacon improve military safety? Safran Electronics & Defense takes a look at this innovation just a few days before the EUROSATORY trade show.

When soldiers find themselves in critical situations, every second counts. The slightest deviation in data accuracy, availability and reliability can lead to mission interruption, or in the most dramatic scenario, human tragedy. This is why Safran Electronics & Defense has developed a specific range of Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT), enabling soldiers in distress to send a distress signal from anywhere on the planet, on land, at sea or in the air. 
SARBE beacons are used by armed forces in over 50 countries, testifying to their reliability and efficiency.

SARBE 6-406G EVO RLS Beacon

SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS: a high-performance personal locator beacon

Compact and lightweight, the SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS personal locator beacon can be easily integrated into uniforms, life jackets, ejector seats and survival bags, etc., to accompany armed forces operating in friendly or enemy territory.

Activated manually or automatically in the event of an abnormal situation or distress, it transmits precise user identification and location data in real time to the appropriate authorities, facilitating rapid and effective search and rescue missions.

RLS functionality: a revolution in rescue operations

The SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS represents the culmination of Safran's innovation and expertise in personal locator beacons with its new Return Link Service (RLS) functionality. RLS enables the user to receive confirmation of receipt of the distress signal, offering invaluable peace of mind in the event of an emergency. This instant confirmation is crucial, as it lets users know that their call for help has been heard and that assistance is on the way, which can be vital in critical situations.

Explanatory diagram SARBE 6-406G EVO RLS
Explanatory diagram SARBE 6-406G EVO RLS
SARBE 6-406G EVO RLS Beacon

Other revolutionary benefits for optimized rescues

The SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS offers game-changing benefits for users in distress situations. Approved by the international COSPAS-SARSAT program, this beacon ensures global recognition and compatibility, increasing the range and effectiveness of rescue operations. Waterproof to 10 meters, the SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS also guarantees reliable performance even when submerged in water. Its two-way communication capability enables vital information exchange during rescues, boosting coordination and responsiveness. International deployment is facilitated by the absence of ITAR regulations and export controls.

Tailor-made modularity to meet the precise needs of every job

The SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS stands out for its modularity and the diversity of its accessories, offering unprecedented adaptability to meet specific needs. Comprising a main body and accessories, this beacon is available in several versions to suit different missions and environments. Key accessories include high-performance batteries and antennas, ensuring extended autonomy and optimal signal transmission. This modularity enables users to configure the SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS according to their operational requirements, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and enhanced reliability during rescue missions.

With decades of expertise in the design, supply and support of critical equipment for aviation and armed forces, Safran Electronics & Defense is committed to ensuring their safety during complex missions.

With innovative products like the SARBE 6-406G Evo RLS, Safran continues to push the boundaries of technology to ensure your safety and success in all your missions.

Want to find out more? Meet our teams at EUROSATORY on stand #G25 Hall 6 in Villepinte, France, from June 17 to 21, 2024.