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The new Safran supplier’s portal pursues its development


Safran’s suppliers portal now offers personalized and secure access, allowing you to manage your own data.

Several hundreds of Group’s providers answered the survey to assign the Delegate Contact Administrator, who will be the correspondent of Safran purchasing department for updating his/her company's data.

If you haven't already done it, please take a couple of minutes to do so ! And send us this information that is essential to use the new Safran supplier’s portal.

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Reflecting the digitization of its purchasing processes, Safran launches a new function to its suppliers portal that will ensure accurate supplier data. This service can be accessed by the Delegate Contact Administrator1, a designated employee in your own company that works with Safran. The Administrator will be able to independently update directly on the portal his/her company’s identification, bank and regulatory data.


This new function offers several key advantages:

  • It facilitates access to your data and improves tracking of trade with Safran.
  • It ensures the security of your bank data.
  • It allows you to independently manage your data.


This new function will be deployed gradually. Safran suppliers will be contacted in the coming months.


More information will follow in the coming weeks, do not hesitate to visit regularly on this page.



1 The delegate contact administrator will be the only person authorized to make changes to your bank data directly in the portal.