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“New mobilities, new architectures?” (e-Power talks)


During the second e-Power talk of the Paris Air Show, Yann Fefermann, Head of Network Architecture and Electrical Systems at Safran Tech gave an overview of these new applications – logistic cargo drones, air taxis, and 19-passenger aircraft shuttles – describing their architecture and features.

ePower conference #2: New mobilities, new architectures? - with Yann Fefermann


Safran has been working on technology to address the need for new forms of air mobility which have strict safety and environmental requirements. Underlining the importance of the acquisition of Zodiac Aerospace last year, Yann Fefermann explained that this move has enabled Safran to add new capabilities and bolster its expertise in terms of electric distribution and power management.

In addition, Yann Fefermann presented several Group projects involving drones and air taxis, pointing out that they have resulted in the development of new products such as the ENGINeUS range of electric motors. After highlighting the challenges of addressing the needs of this emerging market, he stressed that industry-wide cooperation is essential for success.

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