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“New features on our website are enhancing our after-sales services”


Safran Electrical & Power has just completely overhauled the “support & services” section of its website. Vincenzo Guerriero, Director of Support & Services, explains how this project is helping the company's digital transformation and making it easier for customers to access information.

Why redesign the Support & Services section?

V.G: The aim of our department is to focus as closely as possible on the needs of our customers in terms of after-sales services. We recognize that today we need to adopt a multi-channel strategy with them. While communication continues to be conducted through traditional channels such as chat rooms, telephone or email, in today's world it increasingly takes place via websites and social networks. It is with regard to these latter channels of communication that we need to act in order to make our offer readily available and our teams immediately reachable. We have therefore invested in reorganizing our information and in new features to ensure that our website is a valuable asset for our customers.  

What are the new features?

V.G: We have made our support offer for ventilation and generation equipment clearer with simplified access to customer sites for spare parts orders and technical publications. We have geolocated our Safran centers as well as those centers that have been approved by us for component and harness support. Even better! We have created a page with a list of the equipment that can be repaired under the various approvals issued by the aeronautical regulatory authorities. By going to this page, our customers can find out what our repair capabilities are and where exactly we perform them. The search can be done by part number, program, repair site, approval, etc. That way, we can ensure that as many needs as possible are met. Finally, we have provided our direct contacts by product type, and we have added downloadable brochures and new videos to make the range of our activities more visible.

Are you already thinking about what's next?

V.G: In line with our goal of simplifying things, we will soon be opening a new technical publications site for all our equipment, whether it be in the area of power generation or ventilation. On the sales side, the teams have launched a pilot Live Chat system. We will analyze the performance of this tool and deploy it in after-sales if it meets a customer need. Our “support & services” section is intended to be clearly "customer-centric”: providing a single point for the customer to access existing features and all the ones we will be developing for them.