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National Intern Day


Safran provides interns with valuable work experience


July 30, 2020

Every summer, Safran offers internships to college students and recent graduates across North America.  The program is a tremendous opportunity for young talent to develop new skills, network, explore career paths, and learn about the aviation and aerospace fields. 

More than 140 interns and VIEs are working at Safran facilities across the US, Mexico, and Canada.  VIE (for the French: Volontariat International en Entreprises) is the International Postgraduate Internship Program, which promotes the international development of French companies while offering recent graduates and young professionals an opportunity to benefit from formative experiences around the world.

The Group highly values its interns and VIEs, organizing different events for them – from summer socials and plant tours to presentations and workshops. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Safran's annual summer socials have been canceled and other activities are being held online. To give interns and VIEs a better understanding of the Group, the North America Talent Team is promoting a variety of videos covering the company's strategy, highlights, and technologies.  

Additionally, “Lunch and Learn” summer workshops are hosted twice a month through a live broadcast via on-line video conferencing, and feature Safran guest speakers from a wide range of backgrounds. Different topics are addressed during these sessions, including: Office Etiquette, Success Under Stress, and Launch Your Career. Safran's “Lunch and Learn” series provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn about Safran's culture, products, and career opportunities, while benefiting from the experience of guest speakers.   

Thank you to all our interns and VIEs for your hard work and dedication to the Group!


In honor of National Intern Day, we are highlighting two interns who are performing a second internship at Safran. 

Who: Jordan Hoffman, Mechanical Engineer Intern

Where: Safran Optics 1 in Bedford, New Hampshire

What do you enjoy the most about your internship?

I've enjoyed learning from people who are so passionate and experienced in my field of interest. Each day that I come to work is a chance to learn something new, outside of what I have learned in the classroom.

What is the most important lesson that you have learned while being an intern?

I've learned to challenge my abilities, learn from my mistakes, and ask questions. Engineering school has taught me how to work hard, but my work in industry has taught me how to think like an engineer. Some tasks can seem daunting because I am so early in my career, but pushing myself to make mistakes, learn from them, and ask questions has made me a better student, and one day an engineer.


Who: Steven Sebastian, Safran+ Intern

Where: Safran Electrical & Power in Denton, Texas

What is the most important lesson that you have learned during your internship? 

The most important lesson I learned was how to appropriately manage both my time and resources between multiple projects.

What is your advice for future interns?

Be open to new challenges and see them as opportunities to further your knowledge. Manage your time well and your projects will flow smoothly Learn how to create macros in Excel. They are a huge time saver.