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NacelleLife™ offers new repair solutions for structural composite bonded parts


Safran Nacelles has completed its first structural bonded repair on an A380 nacelle acoustic internal fixed structure with prepreg composite that had suffered with in service damage. This innovation is the result of a Research and Technology project launched in 2018 and partially financed by the French region of Normandy.

The repair of structural composite bonded parts demands a solution that delivers robust and efficient methods. The repair process consists of cleaning the damaged areas and manufacturing a new composite layup which restores the original parts properties.

Through this innovation, Safran Nacelles can provide its customers with an OEM* guaranteed repair solution, instead of a part replacement. The company is therefore able to offer an optimal, bespoke, and competitive support, whilst significantly reducing the environmental footprint that would have been generated by the manufacturing of a full replacement part.

Safran Nacelles’ NacelleLife™ offers operators maintenance services that are tailored to their requirements at each step of their fleet operations, from preparations for entry into service, to main services, all the way to aircraft retirement or recommissioning.

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.