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NacelleLife™, a flexible, innovative service offering


On the occasion of the MRO Americas aviation trade fair, Safran Nacelles launched a new range of maintenance services called NacelleLife™. Immediately afterwards the announcement, the firm signed its first contracts with the airline companies WOW air and Interjet. Here is a close look at an offering that the market was clearly waiting for...

Integration of an A380’s nacelle, engine GP7200
Safran Nacelles is a leading worldwide nacelle market for aircraft engines. The integration workshops in Toulouse are located close to the aircraft manufacturer sites and provide support on the final assembly line. The aim of the integration activity is to deliver a complete propulsion unit to the customer (engine and nacelle).

Safran Nacelles’ new NacelleLife service offering is innovative in many respects, starting with its broad approach to airlines’ needs. As Olivier Savin, VP Customer Support & Services at Safran Nacelles emphasizes: “existing offers on the market cover entry-into-service and scheduled maintenance. But the maintenance question comes up throughout planes’ life cycle, from pre-entry into service to withdrawal. So we wanted to offer our customers a comprehensive solution to maximize the availability of their aircraft and minimize their maintenance costs at each stage in the life of their fleet. Hence the name: NacelleLife.”


A customizable offer

Numerous services, both qualitative and economic, are available: supply of spare parts and assistance with pre-entry into service, presence of a technical representative and online access to technical documentation starting with entry-into-service, fleet management to ensure operational continuity, scheduled maintenance, assistance with return and transition, etc. As Olivier Savin explains, “our customers have increasingly varied profiles. We are giving them the option of customizing their offer by taking their specific characteristics into consideration.” The Icelandic airline WOW air opted for maintenance and repair services as well as access to spare parts for its Airbus A320neo. The Mexican airline Interjet, which also operates the Airbus A320neo, chose maintenance and supply of spare parts. “This flexibility is also of interest to companies that lease their planes and must return them in good conditions after operation,” added Olivier Savin.


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Innovation under the wing

Technological innovation is the other major asset for NacelleLife™. The mobile app JetLife makes paperless service records possible (changes to or inspections of equipment required by manufacturers). Customers can access them in real time and can also consult the price, duration and related benefits for each operation. They can also enter all operations carried out, plane by plane, thereby enabling Safran Nacelles to monitor their fleet and offer customized maintenance services. Another high-tech solution is Presto, a non-destructive testing tool that uses infrared thermography to evaluate the effects of overheating of the composites present in thrust reversers. Compact and portable, it lets users perform diagnostics under the wing without removing the nacelle, significantly reducing downtime for planes on the ground.

A real concentrate of innovation, both commercially and technologically, the NacelleLife offer is available for all nacelles by Safran Nacelles that are in service, in production or under development.


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Some key-figures about Safran Nacelles

  • - 20,800 nacelles in service
  • - 210 airline clients
  • - 4 repair and maintenance centers and 10 spare parts distribution centers throughout the world

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