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With N-CUBE, Syrlinks continues to break through Newspace’s markets


Syrlinks, which joined Safran Electronics & Defense’ Space Division in 2022, launched a brand new high-end GNSS (Geolocation and Navigation by Satellite System) payload for low orbit: the N-CUBE. Syrlinks, the world reference in atomic time and precision frequencies, presents you with the latest Position, Navigation and Time (PNT) application offered to NewSpace players.

Space Satellite

After having extended the access to high-precision orbit determination function in flight with N-SPHERE, Syrlinks continues the development of its offer with N-CUBE, a real cornerstone of the new generation of space PNT programs in LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

A high-end payload for low-earth orbit

With the opening of space to new private players and an expansion of the scope of space technologies, new needs have emerged that were previously reserved for scientific research or space exploration.

"With the emergence of applications using GNSS services such as autonomous cars, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, and the Internet Of Things (IoT), we are facing a growing interest for efficient, effective and resilient LEO-PNT satellite services," explains Eric Pinson, Space Department Director at Syrlinks. "With N-CUBE, Syrlinks enters the NewSpace market at the right time with a unique solution that demonstrates the future capabilities of this service in space. It perfectly meets the requirements of nano and cube satellite missions, with a standard lifetime between 2 and 5 years in low earth orbit!"

Syrlinks N Cube

A precise positioning, better than 30 cm!

N-CUBE offers a unique solution by combining a high performance GNSS receiver, a GNSS signal processor and an RF (Radio Frequency) output. The receiver and processor implement the latest state-of-the-art positioning and synchronization techniques. N-CUBE achieves first-class performance and offers unique features for accurate real-time on-board orbit determination and precise time synchronization.

N-CUBE synchronizes with various GNSS systems, such as GPS, GALILEO and BEIDOU. As far as positioning is concerned, N-CUBE offers an accuracy of more than 0.3 meters, thanks to a unique algorithm developed by the CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales).

Finally, its central SDR (Software-Defined-Radio) architecture allows maximum flexibility and specific software processing adapted to many applications. N-CUBE uses the GNSS bands as well as other bands such as S-band.

Syrlinks company

First flight planned for late 2023

Designed jointly with CNES, N-CUBE benefits from Syrlinks' experience in the GNSS field which goes back to more than 10 years.

"This new product is the result of several years of development with our GNSS experts. It benefits from the experience gained during a first project for an operator customer. Our first product is expected to fly by the end of 2023. The future looks very promising, with already several new LEO-PNT projects identified!" said Fabien Sepot, GNSS product manager at Syrlinks.