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Myra Haggard


Compliance Officer, CCS (Certified Customs Specialist), Site Risk Representative

3D loom : carbon fiber

How long have you been working at Safran?

I have been with Safran Landing Systems for six years and four months.

What is it about working in the aviation industry that appeals to you?

Working in the aviation industry is a blank canvas ready for someone to paint their own picture of new experiences. There are so many career opportunities in so many different areas of study that nearly everyone can find their fit within this industry.

What is your site/company doing to promote equality?

Safran Landing Systems Kentucky prides itself for involvement in educational programs such as "Girls on the Move." This dedicates a day to women in the workplace, in which local female high school students are invited to come on site, tour the facilities and meet with several of our women employees. This opportunity showcases our women employees' journey into their respective career paths and shares their excitement about the work they perform. Ultimately, it demonstrates for young women that opportunities are equally available to all.

In addition, we also sponsor STEM days for young middle school-aged students having special events for the girls. This provides a hands-on experience to see women in action and hopefully results in igniting the interest of the younger generation to pursue a career in aviation.

What would you say is a strength/advantage to being a female leader?

I believe women have a more tactful approach when working with others, providing a comfort zone that allows individuals to trust their actions, and empower others to strive for continued improvements with their day to day activities, as well as their ultimate career goals.

How do you promote equality (either personally and/or professionally)?

Actions speak louder than words. I strive to be approachable and trusted by my colleagues no matter their gender. I seek to recognize and build upon their strengths to encourage personal growth, making them well equipped to handle challenges and recognize their successes. 

What professional advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

  1. Grow your knowledge and experience: Be willing to seek change, realize that even the little job assignments add up to solid work experience that can leverage your career. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, learn from your failures and take advantage of the free lessons your predecessors have to teach.
  2. Be true to yourself: Building a reputation is important, but it has to be genuine and real.
  3. Put your fears aside: Put yourself front and center, strive to do the best you can do and don’t be afraid of the extra attention it may create.