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More customers for Aircelle nacelles with new A380 acquisitions by Iran Air and ANA Group


February 3, 2016

Airbus’ recent announcements of two new A380 sales agreements further expands the worldwide airline customer base for the 21st century flagship jetliner, providing additional business as well for Aircelle – which supplies the aircraft’s complete engine nacelle system.

Expanding the A380 client base are Iran Air, which intends to acquire 12 of the very large aircraft; and Japan’s ANA Group, ordering three. 

Aircelle has an important role in the A380’s success, with its responsibility for producing, integrating, supplying and supporting the large engine nacelle systems on both available jet engine choices: Rolls-Royce's Trent 900, and the Engine Alliance GP7200. The nacelles include an electrical thrust reverser actuation system (ETRAS) on the inboard engines – marking the first such application of ETRAS in the airline industry.

With the A380, Aircelle becomes a world reference in jet engine nacelles

The A380 is one of the programs that have made Aircelle a worldwide reference in nacelle development, production and in-service support. Assembly of the thrust reverser is handled on a stepping assembly line at the company’s Le Havre, France industrial facility, while integration of the nacelles with their A380 engines is performed at Aircelle’s modern podding facility in Colomiers, France, adjacent to Toulouse.

Aircelle launched the thrust reverser stepping line in 2008, significantly reducing assembly and cycle times.

It further reinforced Aircelle’s production expertise, which the company has since applied on subsequently-won programs – including the widebody A330neo’s nacelle (which is similar in diameter to the large A380 nacelle), and the nacelle for Airbus’ single-aisle A320 jetliner (requiring one of the most rapid production ramp-ups in civil aviation history).

The A380 and its Aircelle-supplied nacelles are proving themselves in daily service worldwide, with some 180 aircraft delivered by Airbus to date for operation by 13 airlines.

More than 100 routes involving 50 destinations are flown by these operators’ A380s, resulting in the takeoff or landing of an A380 somewhere around the globe every three minutes.