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Mentor/Mentee Spotlight: Providing guidance inside and outside the workplace

  • Andy Fiala, Data Scientist at Safran Passenger Innovations
  • Daniel Quezada, Software Developer at Safran Aerosystems


Another productive pairing in the Safran North America Mentorship Program brings together Andy Fiala and Daniel Quezada – who have each benefited from their participation despite working in separate fields.

Launched in 2017, the Safran North America Mentorship Program pairs early career Safran employees with mid-to-late career professionals who provide guidance on career development and advancement in areas such as communication, leadership and technical skills.

Fiala has been at Safran Passenger Innovations for five years, and in his role as a Data Scientist, he has lead and supported the company’s data processing solutions – enabling customers to gain better insights, and as a result, make better business decisions.

Quezada, on the other hand, is a Software Developer who analyzes Safran Aerosystems Evacuation’s processes and designs custom applications to improve them – while also maintaining the integrity, security and performance of internal databases and applications. He joined the company three years ago.

“Andy is not exactly in the same field that I am, but he has much knowledge to offer based on his previous experience,” said Quezada. “Most importantly, he has shown me a different perspective of life and work.”

Improving inside and outside the workplace

Fiala, who has a long history both as a mentor and mentee, values the experience. “I’ve had mentors almost immediately from when I started in the aerospace industry,” he said. “There were people who were great engineers, with great verbal and written communications skills, able to design, document and implement their solutions well. I learned much about translating theory into practical solutions, which added much to my foundation as an engineer.”

The topics Fiala and Quezada regularly discuss include ways of improving, both inside and outside the workplace – from software engineering data analysis to work-life balance and time management skills.

Consistent with an engineering mentality, Fiala and Quezada work to optimize their mentor/mentee relationship and have identified some key steps to maximizing the benefits. This includes meeting regularly, being a skillful listener, understanding there is always knowledge to gain, and being open and courageous.