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Mélusine, a work-study student at Safran Engineering Services

Human resources

Have you met Mélusine? Mélusine is 22. She is from Bordeaux, France, and has a high school diploma with a specialization in science under her belt. After graduating, she attended an IUT (university institute of technology) for Mechanical and Production Engineering and then enrolled in engineering school. She is alternating between school and work at Safran Engineering Services at Paris-Saclay for a period of two years. Want to get to know her better?

"I joined Safran Engineering Services as part of my last two years of study at the CESI Graduate School of Engineering in Angoulême," explained Mélusine Larut, a work-study student at the Paris-Saclay facility since September 2016. This young lady, who found a work-study job on Safran's eTalent recruitment website, joined a close-knit, friendly team in the Design, Methods and Composites department. "I applied at Safran Engineering Services because of its involvement in the field of aeronautics, the assignments offered and the quality of the Saclay facility," she said.

What are Mélusine's assignments? "I'm in charge of ongoing improvements to an internal database that contains client specifications and feedback on all of our projects. The goal is for the team to have all of the information at its disposal in one shared database to save time on daily troubleshooting," she expounded. But that's not all. In two years, Mélusine also wants to be able to design metal parts and composites. She has to be completely independent when using software and be able to solve any problems related to designing parts for aeronautics.

"I am discovering a multi-faceted profession and learning something new every day," she admitted when asked about her daily work. "Now I understand that being a design engineer means a lot more than just attributing client specifications. You have to be able to grasp every inch of the project and solve a plethora of problems that may arise on your own." Teamwork is also a significant component of Mélusine's assignment: "I feel like I belong here, like I'm a full-blown Safran Engineering Services employee. People trust me and let me handle things on my own. It's really important."

Mélusine has a year and a half left to accomplish her many goals and blossom within her team and her company. "I'm going to take advantage of this time to learn and use as many processes and methods as I can. Let me be clear—when I finish school I absolutely intend on staying at Safran," she underscored.