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Mayur Kallabettu, a designer with a difference

Human resources

Working in Bangalore at Safran Engineering Services India, Mayur Kallabettu has had a unique and successful journey at Safran. Let’s learn more about him.

Working as Project Leader at Safran Engineering Services India, Mayur Kallabettu is a designer with a difference. He has many “firsts” to his credit and continues to explore unchartered territories. He holds the first patent from Safran Engineering Services and has worked on developing products as varied as landing gear actuators, a biometric card reader and aircraft interiors. Mayur is also a company expert in the area of Design and Modeling Mechanics.

A mechanical engineer by training, Mayur started his career in a rather unconventional way by taking up a faculty job. He trained university students and corporate professionals to use CAD tools. "My experience as a faculty member has contributed immensely to my development as an engineer. Not only did I achieve full proficiency in the tool in the process, but I also gained an understanding of the perspectives and needs of various categories of users. Developing a strong technical base early in one’s career is a key stepping-stone for any engineer," says Mayur.

Mayur joined Safran Engineering Services India in 2007 as an engineer. "I was lucky enough to be assigned to a project supporting the design department of Safran Landing Systems (then Messier-Dowty & Messier-Bugatti). The unique aspect of working at Safran Engineering Services is that we are an Engineering Services company but also part of a large Aerospace group. This opens up avenues and creates opportunities to work on technically complex projects, which might not be available to engineers working in other engineering services companies."  

Mayur holds a joint patent for working on a project developing landing gear with a fault-tolerant rotary unlock actuator. The concept is applied for the safe extension of landing gear in the event of electrical glitches. This project was a collaborative effort involving teams from France, the UK and India. With regard to his patent, Mayur believes that innovation should not be limited to R&T labs and OEMs. "There is ample scope for innovation in Engineering Services, too,” he says. “The major drivers of new product development and innovation are the determination to meet customer requirements and the individual's desire to look beyond traditional methods. I believe that with the right preparation and eye for details, one can always find areas for improvement in the existing products and services, and contribute ideas that might eventually turn out to be just the thing the customer wants. We should not limit ourselves to focusing on engineering services alone."

Mayur also believes that there is an ongoing paradigm shift in the way engineering services are viewed. "In engineering services, the emphasis is moving from repetitive, laborious tasks to providing innovative, customised solutions with quick turnaround times. This is where emerging technologies such as Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, etc. are making a difference. I believe that we are in a very exciting time where concept-to-product times are constantly being reduced,  contributing to faster learning curves and innovation," he says.

For young engineers starting their careers, Mayur advises: "It is never too early to put yourself in your customer's shoes and understand their needs. When you understand the need of a customer and know what it will take to make him or her come back, half the work is done. Combine this with the key attributes of passion for the work, the flexibility that allows you to go the extra mile and determination to learn and grow, success is a guaranteed end product!"