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Marilyn Bishop: “We are looking for innovative and creative individuals who are excited to work on the future”

Human resources

To overcome the challenge of the more electrical aircraft and the electrification of new means of air transport, Safran Electrical & Power is looking for enthusiastic engineers. We asked three questions to Marilyn Bishop, Human Resources Director about the new activities.

Aerospace business is changing. New type of air transportation appears. Is Safran Electrical & Power ready to meet the challenge of those new potential businesses?

M.B: Yes! Our market is changing. Concepts like drone, VTOL, autonomous vehicles and hybrid propulsion are becoming part of our everyday life.  At Safran Electrical & Power, we have been preparing for these changes. We are focused on attracting and developing the skills needed to meet these changes. We are strengthening relationships with established players in the market like Boeing and Bell, whilst developing relationships with smaller emerging players.  We have a strong and enthusiastic team already and we are growing and gearing up for continued growth. We need more new talent to join those innovative and exciting projects.

What kind of talents are you looking for?

M.B: We are looking for experienced as well as developing engineers in electrical, mechanical, electronic and systems engineering within an electrical Power environment. We are looking for innovative and creative individuals who are excited to work on the future.   We are interested in candidates with degrees in these areas and have locations in France (Paris, Toulouse) and the UK. As well as Engineering, we are looking for high caliber candidates from Programs, Industrialization and support functions to be part of our journey.

What are the advantage to join Safran?

M.B: We are an expanding high tech organization with great career opportunities, as we are a global organization.  There is strong Research & Technology investment in us and we have attractive and competitive benefits.