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#LoveMySafranJob - "There'll always be interesting jobs for me to do in the Group! "

Human resources

Supply Chain stakeholders work together with multiple correspondents from Quality, Development, Design Office, Methods or Production departments to achieve their objectives in a somewhat tense context for the logistics chain. This is the role of Camille Vaast, who at just 32 is a Supply Chain engineer at Safran Data Systems, the global leader in test, telemetry and communication instruments for space. She tells us a bit about her busy day-to-day life.

#LoveMySafranJob - Camille Vaast

Managing the supply of parts during the day, playing in a group in the evening, while making time for sport and school presentations, Camille Vaast works hard on several fronts. By becoming a Supply Chain engineer at Safran Data Systems in October 2022, she achieved her dream of working in aerospace. "This sector has always been a passion of mine, I'm proud to have joined a prestigious company like Safran. When I arrived, I couldn't wait to find out more about the products." Camille arrived with experience in the Group already, through an internship with SAIFEI1 in Shanghai as an assistant engineer during her studies at UTC2. "I went to study in China for six months, but I felt it wasn't enough. So, I continued learning Chinese and looked for an internship locally." Once graduated, Camille extended her international experience with a 2-year posting with Faurecia in Barcelona.

Plan ahead to be more responsive

The tenacity Camille showed during her studies now enables her to coordinate the supplies required for production on the Colombelles site in Normandy, France. "For some components, we need to plan our needs further ahead of time. We are helping our strategic suppliers to face their own supply issues and set up safety stocks. In case of issues, we need to identify alternative sources and replacement technical solutions. To anticipate today what we need the day after tomorrow, we must be involved in the loop as early as possible." A business model that Camille is familiar with from her time in the automotive sector, where annual design modifications require input from the Supply Chain from the outset. "Every day, I continue to learn thanks to all my colleagues. There is a real team spirit amongst us. This work atmosphere is precious when we all need to get stuck in to handle urgent situations. "

Managing unforeseen incidents is made easier by the background work done by Camille. This incorporates continuous improvement of stock management, optimization of planning tools, or contribution to scheduling, an essential component aiming to define the production program for several weeks ahead. "It is crucial to smooth out the production workload, optimize our resources, limit storage costs and be sure to deliver to the customer on time." Such tasks mean she must be at ease with computer programming, know how to interact with all other functions and be well organized.

Going deeper and transmitting

This formidable work life doesn't prevent Camille from enjoying her passion for music, namely the clarinet which she has played since the age of 8. "I rehearse with the group every week and we regularly put on concerts at show venues or festivals. We have even been on tour to Canada!" Her musical activities have even earned her the nickname of "the singing engineer" within her family, but most of all it offers her balance. "I was brought up on the basis that no doors are locked and this drove me to exceed any limits to do what I like. "

Now that Camille is accustomed to her role, she would like to get more involved in the Elles bougent3  association, which she has been a patron of since leaving university, so she can pass on her winning mindset to schoolgirls. "Many ask me what it's like to have a man's job. I still find this hard to accept in 2023! I want to help break down such stereotypes." In terms of self-realization, Camille has plenty of promising times ahead at Safran Data Systems. "Shortly, I will be able to move on to other responsibilities within the Supply Chain or become a project manager. One thing I'm certain of is that there are still plenty of exciting opportunities at Safran! "


1 Joint venture between Safran Electrical & Power and COMAC

2 Compiègne Technology University

3 French association with the aim of boosting diversity across industrial and technology sector businesses. Its actions aim primarily to combat stereotypes surrounding industry and to encourage young women to look to careers in scientific and technological sectors.


Education and experience:

  • February 2013 – July 2014: Assistant engineer intern at SAIFEI1, Shanghai China
  • September 2014 – February 2015: Continuous improvement engineer intern, Cartier, Paris
  • February 2015: Graduated UTC2 with an engineering degree in mechanical systems
  • May 2015 – May 2017: Supply Chain Engineer, Faurecia, Barcelona, Spain
  • June 2017 – July 2021: Supply manager, then industrialization project manager for automated production lines, Continental, Toulouse, France
  • August 2021– September 2022: Industrialization project manager, continuous motion machines, Lagniel, Caen, France
  • Since October 2022: Supply Chain Engineer at Safran Data Systems, Colombelles, France


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