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#LoveMySafranJob: make reality surpass your dreams

Human resources

Currently working as a Special Processes engineer at Safran Landing Systems in Querétaro, Mexico, 25-year-old Itzel Lopez shares her already rich career story within the Group.

3D loom : carbon fiber


1. How did you start working for Safran and where has your career taken you so far?

I joined the Group in 2009 as a mechanical production engineering apprentice at Safran Landing Systems Queretaro, as part of a vocational training program. In 2013, I did a course in industrial production at the Franco-Mexicain high school in Mexico City. Coincidentally, around the same time, Safran was setting up MRO* training for its engineers at various sites in Mexico. My school agreed to host one of the programs and I enrolled on it immediately.

I was then chosen by Safran to receive a grant for the INSA engineering school in Strasbourg, along with a work-study placement at Safran Landing Systems in Molsheim. It was fantastic being given the opportunity to work and study in another country and I didn't have to think twice! That was followed by a three-month internship at Safran Electronics & Defense in Singapore working in continuous improvement, where I built on my skills and got to know another very different country.


I graduated at last in June 2019 and am now back in Mexico at Safran Landing Systems working as a honing process and bushing assembly engineer.


2. That's a remarkable international career! Tell us what you’ve got out of it. 

Everywhere I went, I learned something new and had a very different experience.

In Mexico, I got hands-on experience of operational methods involved in production, as well as innovation and how important it is to have a positive outlook. That's also where I learned how to work as part of a large company.

In France, I did an entirely different job. I was in an engineering role involving fewer operational aspects, which made for a totally different experience. I learned all about diligence, working as a team and above all how to develop and defend my own ideas and opinions. It wasn't always easy, but my managers and tutors were very supportive.

By the time I got to Singapore, I'd had a good grounding thanks to my experience in France, so was much more confident. My work there allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, especially engaging with and motivating my team members.


None of this would have been possible without all the people at Safran who've supported me every step of the way. I must admit, it wasn't always easy adjusting to both a new language and a new culture, but everyone helped me enormously.

Last but not least, working internationally made me step outside my comfort zone, explore new horizons and pursue new avenues of knowledge.


3. Any advice you’d like to share?

Don't lose sight of your goals and never give up! You should also aim to do what you enjoy –  that's the only way of coping with difficulties, which inevitably occur. And it's essential to always recognize and acknowledge other people who work alongside you.


I hope I come across as positive-thinking and happy in everything I do. Throughout my career, I've always said to myself: “make reality surpass your dreams” – and I still think like that today!”


*Maintenance, repair & overhaul


Itzel's career path:

2009: BTS vocational certificate in mechanical production engineering, and apprenticeship at Safran Landing Systems, Querétaro Mexico

2013: Vocational degree in industrial production at the Franco-Mexicain high school in Mexico City, and an apprenticeship at Safran Landing Systems, Queretaro.

2016 2019: Engineering degree program at INSA Strasbourg, specializing in Mechanical Engineering (apprenticeship at Safran Landing Systems, Molsheim, followed by a three-month internship at Safran Electronics & Defense in Singapore in continuous improvement.

Since September 2019: Honing process and bushing assembly engineer at Safran Landing Systems, Queretaro.