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#LoveMySafranJob – “The family spirit at Safran allows me to work in an environment that is aligned with my beliefs, values and needs”

Human resources

Cécile Chastenet – Safran Helicopter Engines Australia, Chief Financial Officer

Cécile Chastenet - Safran Helicopter Engines Australia, Chief Financial Officer
Cécile Chastenet - Safran Helicopter Engines Australia, Chief Financial Officer

How long have you worked for Safran Helicopter Engines?  

I have worked for Safran Helicopter Engines Australia since May 2011. However my story with the company started two years earlier in France, in April 2009, when I started an apprenticeship within the finance department.

Where did you start with the company and where have you progressed up to now?

At the end of my apprenticeship in France, I had the great opportunity to be offered a position to work for Safran Helicopter Engines in Australia as a VIE (Volontariat International en entreprise), where I joined the Finance department for what should have been a one year experience.

Then 10 years later the journey continues. I had multiple experiences within the company from Finance Officer, to Shared Services Coordinator, Senior Controller; to finally be promoted to the role of Chief Financial Officer few years ago. 

What drives and motivates you to progress your career?

When progressing in my career, I asked myself two things: What am I looking for and why? Understanding my motives helped me to progress my career within the Company: I was seeking achievement and affiliation. Two core values that Safran Helicopter Engines and its management team was able to bring in my work journey from my first day learning as an apprentice to the manager position I have now. The leaders I have encountered along the way understood the power of teamwork and always encouraged people development and recognition.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Two things: the reward to see our customers flying safely with our engines above the Australian coast line. And on a business point of view, the fulfillment to bring the Finance function more accessible to the rest of the Company and to be seen as a strategic partner.

What is the culture or vibe of the office?

Working for Safran Helicopter Engines Australia is like working with a happy family where everyone contributes to the benefit of the Company. We know how to work and collaborate together towards a common goal. This supportive culture creates a sense of wellbeing in the office. Personally, this family spirit was key for me as it allows me to work in an environment that was aligned with my beliefs, values and needs.  

Why do you think people work for so long with Safran?

I have been working for the Safran Group for almost 13 years and what make me stay for so long was knowing that the leaders at Safran will give me the opportunity to grow within the Company and the trust between team members. As we spend most of our adult life in the office, our work environment has a huge impact on the quality of our personal life. 

Therefore working for a company that encourages professional development and brings challenges and excitement, provides a sense of engagement.