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#LoveMySafranJob - “Carrying out research at Safran is helping to find solutions!”

Human resources

Marjorie Cavarroc is a research engineer at Safran Tech’s Materials & Processes division, and she has just been awarded the 2022 Irène Joliot-Curie Prize in the “Woman, Research and Company” category. At 42 years old, this research enthusiast has her feet firmly on the ground… and her head in the stars!

Marjorie Cavarroc

“My grandfather worked as a printer. It was he who encouraged me to become an engineer. I even got a PhD!”, says Marjorie. On the importance of transmission… following specialist engineering training in laser optics and plasma, Marjorie embarked on a PhD in plasma physics. After a few years spent with the Dreux urban community, where she set up and then managed a technology transfer center for plasma and fuel cells, she joined Safran in 2013 to co-manage the technical networks of the Materials & Processes division. “My first job involved running a small start-up. It took me a while to decide what avenue I wanted to pursue next”, she remembers.


In fact, Marjorie has always combined research and action. At Safran, part of what she does involves setting up partnerships with companies and university centers. In particular, she has created two ANR(1) industrial chairs. Why Safran? “I always wanted to work in the aviation sector”, she says.“I even tried to become a fighter pilot in the Air Force when women were first given the opportunity to do so!”

Marjorie Cavarroc

Research, but always for a specific purpose in mind

In 2018, she joined Safran Tech’s Materials & Processes division, and took over management of research into thin films. She also set up an associated laboratory. Anti-oxidation and anticorrosion protection, tribology(2), optics… There are numerous possible applications, since the idea behind thin layers is to modify the surfaces of materials so as to endow them with new properties. “What I like about Safran is that I undertake quasi-fundamental research, but there are always applications for it in mind, and I have a great deal of freedom regarding the areas that I am able to explore. That is in line with my firm belief that the purpose of research is to make the world a better place! And it provides me with the opportunity to be part of the solution...”


Marjorie is just as active and engaged with the world outside of work. She works for the DGA(3) as an operational reservist, specializing in innovative surface treatments. She is a sponsor of the “Elles Bougent”(4) association – she spends time encouraging young women to consider careers in science and technology. She is also an expert in the L’Oréal-UNESCO foundation’s Prize “For Women and Science” and is a volunteer at the CGénial foundation which promotes science and technology, and careers in these areas. And in 2022, she became involved in mentoring via the DEMA1N(5) association.

Marjorie Cavarroc

There is no such thing as “jobs for men”

22 November was a new major milestone in her life: Marjorie was awarded the Irène Joliot-Curie prize in the “Woman, Research and Company” category. It was presented to her by Alain Fischer, Secretary of the Academy of Sciences, alongside Nobel prizewinner and member of the French Academy of Sciences and Alain Aspect. “I see this as recognition of my work”, she says. “But above all, I want to use this relative exposure to prove to other women that anything is possible, and that there is no such thing as “jobs for men”.


What is she most proud of in her work? Being certified to manage research, while working in industry: “That’s rare and it took me some time. But I wanted to be able to supervise PhD theses – it's important to train the next generation!”

Marjorie Cavarroc award
Marjorie Cavarroc has been awarded the 2022 Irène Joliot-Curie Prize in the “Woman, Research and Company” category

(1) Agence nationale pour la Recherche – France's research agency.

(2) Science of friction, wear and lubrication between moving parts.

(3) Direction générale de l’Armement – France's government defense procurement agency

(4) and (5) Associations in which Safran is a partner.

Her career:

Since 2018: research engineer, Materials & Processes expert at Safran Tech

2013-2017: segment co-manager, Materials & Processes division, Safran

2013: Transfer and Licensing project manager, CNRS Innovation

2009-2012: science director, MID Innovation Agency, Dreux urban community

2008-2009: head of Research and Innovation, Dreux urban community

2007-2008: contract researcher, GREMI CNRS/University of Orléans

2004-2007: PhD student, GREMI CNRS/University of Orléans