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Kentucky engineering school staff learn about Safran’s sustainability strategy and growing local presence


Peter Lengyel, President and CEO of Safran USA, was invited this month to address staff at the University of Louisville’s Speed School of Engineering.

Boeing 737 carbon brake, Safran Landing Systems
Peter Lengyel, President & CEO of Safran USA

The session – which is aligned with Safran’s goal of bolstering ties with local universities – provided an opportunity to give the audience an overview of Safran Landing Systems’ local presence in the state and the Group’s sustainability strategy.

Lengyel outlined Safran's commitment to sustainability, which includes contributing to the development of aircraft that generate less CO2, supporting the deployment of sustainable fuels, developing aviation-qualified electric and hybrid propulsion systems, as well as reducing emissions from the company’s industrial sites. He also highlighted the ways in which many academic disciplines contribute to these goals.

Safran Landing Systems is a key contributor to Kentucky’s aerospace industry through its Walton-based facility, which is focused on aircraft wheels and carbon brakes. The company’s carbon activities support the Group’s sustainability goals, with carbon brakes offering weight savings and reducing CO2 emissions compared to steel brakes.

To support Safran Landing Systems’ business growth and the ramp-up of its industrial operations, the business is recruiting in a variety of fields – including engineering.