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KC-390, E195-E2 & HSTS - When Embraer and Safran’s technologies take off together!


Embraer recently delivered the first KC-390 military transport to the Brazilian air force, and the first E195-E2 regional jet to Brazilian carrier Azul. These brand-new civil and military aircraft have at least one important point in common: they’re both fitted with the Horizontal Stabilizer Trim System (HSTS) from Safran Electronics & Defense.

KC-390 & E195-E2: a new milestone for Embraer 

On Wednesday, September 4, 2019, Embraer delivered its first KC-390 military transport to the Brazilian air force. The 28 aircraft ordered by Brazil give it a new tactical weapon, with the ability to expand its deployment capabilities in the field.

Just over a week later, on September 12, the Brazilian aircraft-maker handed over the first E195-E2 regional jet to the domestic carrier Azul – the first in an order for 50 aircraft.

The KC-390 represented one of the biggest technological challenge facing Embraer since its founding 45 years ago. The E195-E2, said John Slattery, President and Chief Executive Officer of Embraer’s Commercial Aviation business unit, is “the largest commercial airplane we’ve ever built.”

To rise to this dual challenge, a major milestone in the company’s history, Embraer called on international expertise for certain key systems. In particular it chose avionics expert Safran Electronics & Defense to supply a number of items, including the Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Systems (HSTS).


HSTS: an electromechanical system paving the way for more electric aircraft 

Safran Electronics & Defense supplied both cockpit equipment and exterior lighting for the KC-390 and E195-E2, along with the Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator (HSTA) and its control electronics.

The complete system, fully suited to commercial or military planes, links the aircraft to its horizontal stabilizer to keep the aircraft stable, while maintaining its flight attitude (trim) and minimizing the effect of aerodynamic forces. The system allows the aircraft to react to changes in weight, lift and center of gravity, via commands from the flight control computer, thus helping guarantee flight safety, while reducing the pilot’s workload and fuel consumption.

The HSTS from Safran Electronics & Defense is an electromechanical system, as opposed to the conventional all-hydraulic systems, thus making it fully adaptable to the latest more electric aircraft designs, and simplifying the aircraft’s overall energy system organization, while improving control over its functions. Safran has invested for many years in these strategic new technologies, which will give tomorrow’s aircraft even higher performance, greater reliability and energy efficiency, for reduced polluting emissions.


Safran Electronics & Defense’s HSTAs, used on commercial, business and military aircraft, have logged a total of over 70 million hours in flight to date.


1. John Slattery, President and Chief Executive Officer of Embraer’s Commercial Aviation business unit

2. Horizontal Stabilizer Trim System (HSTS)

3. Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator (HSTA)