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Journey inside the nacelle


Safran Nacelles designs, integrates and provides support and after-sales service for aircraft nacelles. The company is a global leader in the market for commercial aircraft with more than 100 seats, business aircraft and regional aircraft. At the cutting edge of technology, Safran Nacelles offers nacelles that are ever more integrated with the engine, aerodynamic, lightweight with advanced acoustic treatments to contribute to the reduction of CO2 and noise emissions from aircraft. Valuing this expertise also means making known how high-tech equipment the nacelle is with multiple functionalities. This is why we provide enthusiasts, partners, employees, students, our infographic here.

Journey to the heart of a nacelle

The nacelle is a structure that links the engine to the airplane. It comprises an air inlet, engine cowl, thrust reverser and exhaust system. It’s a complex system, and plays a critical role in the aircraft’s performance. While performing multiple functions in a harsh environment (extreme temperatures, size constraints), it has to be as light as possible.

The nacelle channels the engine’s airflow, while also protecting it. It also helps brake the aircraft during landings, through its built-in thrust reverser, and helps attenuate noise. At the same time, the nacelle has to provide easy access for engine maintenance. And its surface is a space for branding on which airlines affix their logos, meticulously painted by Safran Nacelles’ experts.

The "Engine Build-Up" (EBU) is an integration activity carried out by the nacelle manufacturer just before the engine and the nacelle are delivered to the aircraft manufacturer. It includes the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic networks and pumps required to circulate fuel, de-ice the inlet, fire detection and ensure the transfer of power and fluids between the engine and the aircraft.


Journey inside the nacelle

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