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Job profile of Hervé, the Product and Customer Support Manager for AGI


A look back at Hervé’s journey to becoming Product and Customer Support Manager for Aero Gearbox International* after holding several other positions in Sales Department at Safran Martin-Baker and in customer service at Safran Transmission Systems.

Hervé began his career as a naval aeronautics officer in the French Navy, specialising as a flight engineer. He was then in charge of support operations for aeroplanes (including upkeep, maintenance, and helicopter & fighter plane armaments).

Career path in customer service at Safran Transmission Systems

In 1991, he joined the sales department at Safran Martin-Baker France, a joint venture between Safran and Martin-Baker specialised in designing, developing, producing, and supporting ejector seats for French combat aeroplanes. Initially, he was the deputy sales director, then became sales director before finally becoming the customer service director.

In 2004, Hervé joined Hispano-Suiza (the historic brand of Safran Transmission Systems) in customer support for various programmes (electronics, engine computers, regulators, power transmissions, etc.). He then took new responsibilities in 2008 to manage customer service for Safran Transmission Systems, a position that he held until March 2020. At that time, he was offered the position of Product and Customer Support Manager for AGI and he joined the family of the Safran-Rolls-Royce joint venture.

Being Product and Customer Support Manager at AGI

As Customer Support Manager, Hervé is in charge of all technical documentations to make development and in-service support both possible. Development support involves preparing as well as possible for a new product to enter into service and for it to be optimally maintained. For each new programme, maintenance resources (e.g., technical publications, spare parts lists, and maintenance tools) must be written and published. The shop must be authorised for the repair and have the tools, staff, and documentation needed.

Once the product is in service, the Customer Support Manager must also ensure operational support. New repair solutions and new tools are created over time and the technical documentation must be updated.

Sparking a high-quality dialogue with the customer and other departments

For Hervé, working at AGI means joining a 'young and agile SME' with a strong team spirit. “One special thing about AGI is that we work in an international environment. For example, the development support for the Pearl 15 is for Rolls-Royce Deutschland, while the work on the Trent 7000 is for Rolls-Royce Derby (United Kingdom).” Service support involves privileged contact with our customers through hotlines that allow them to ask questions regarding product use.

A high-quality dialogue is also essential with Safran Transmission Systems, especially the development teams from the Technical Department, MRO, Programme, Quality an d Finance. “Working with many departments, negotiating as well as doing technical work, and participating in product development as well as in-service operations”, not to mention the new challenges he faces at AGI, are certainly some of the eclectic elements of the position that continue to inspire Hervé every day.