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Job profile: Diane, Calculation Methods and Tools Engineer


Overview of Diane’s career, including different positions at Safran Transmission Systems, from the Design Engineering Office to R&T. Now a Calculation Methods and Tools Engineer, she is also a primary contact with the world of research due to her involvement in the Expert sector.

Diane joined Safran Transmission Systems in 2012 during her final internship at school and was part of the team in charge of developing the power transmission of the LEAP engine. After she graduated from ESTACA (École supérieure des techniques aéronautiques et de construction automobile – French aeronautics and automotive engineering school), Diane then decided to continue her work in this team and embark on a career with the goal of joining the Expert sector at Safran Transmission Systems.

Gaining a considerable technical background

Diane gained valuable technical experience during this first job, which was very useful to her future career. Diane then completed the ADT LEAP-1A and LEAP-1C certification in a year and a half, and then joined the R&T (Research & Technology) team in applied research on new power transmission architectures. “I learned quickly during these very dense, interesting years and they were an excellent foundation for my career.” Since 2017, Diane has been a Calculation Methods and Tools Engineer: a position that fits with her career path.

Calculation tool development in a partnership with higher education

As a Calculation Methods and Tools Engineer, Diane’s job is to improve and approve Safran Transmission Systems calculation tools. To do so, she works closely with universities to develop calculation tools that meet specific needs. “It involves both project management and science, which I love! I have to both build bridges between the Design Engineering Office and the university and be comfortable with equations.”

International Gear Conference in August 2018. “Through the Expert sector, I have participated in conferences and seminars, which keeps me stay up-to-date on the field of power transmission.”

Providing expertise to the Design Engineering Office

Diane’s other main responsibility as Calculation Methods Engineer is to provide her expertise and support to engineers at the Design Engineering Office when they are dealing with new calculations or complex modelling needs. This technical support requires communication skills. “Communication with the Design Engineering Office is essential: I have to understand their needs and glean important information in order to provide them with appropriate solutions.” Diane is also in charge of supervising the calculation services outsourced by the Design Engineering Office.

These are all opportunities that allow Diane to add to her technical knowledge and that she was able to create and take at the right time, with the aim of building and developing a career that is just beginning!