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On its 15 anniversary, SMARTEC extends its facilities in Samara!





Employees of Smartec (majority-owned subsidiary of Safran Aircraft Engines) gathered today to inaugurate a new office of the design bureau in Samara! The event was timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the company and was attended by Valery Krol, Chief of Safran’s representative office in Russia, and David Queva, the CEO of Smartec.


 "This relocation project has been very important for us and is in line with our development strategy. We extended our production facilities from 500 to 800 sq.m, and improved them thereby allowing us to employ 25 more engineers in addition to 90 already working in the bureau", - David Keva, the CEO of Smartec stated. "We also increased the level of safety of our premises and our networks that was confirmed by the audit of our safety system carried out in August, 2016. This made it possible to provide safe access to Safr@net network that was one of the main objectives within the framework of our cooperation with Safran Aircraft Engines".



Smartec - majority-owned subsidiary of Safran Aircraft Engines (70%) - was established in 2001 in partnership with Russian engine-building company NPO Saturn. This specialized design bureau - in cooperation with Safran Aircraft Engines - has been engaged for 15 years in the development of Safran’s engines (LEAP, Silvercrest, SaM146), contributing its wealth of expertise, competence and efficiency in a number of areas such as development and digital modelling in the field of aerothermodynamics, general dynamics, mechanics, as well as testing in TsIAM (Central Institute of Aviation Motors) and at Poluyevo Open Test Bench.

"Our purpose is to continue the development in this direction and to expand the range of our services to all spheres of activity of Safran. In particular, our competence and our expertise in the field of specialized calculations, production automation and optimization will surely be of interest to the Group companies aiming at improving quality and efficiency of Safran products".