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Interview with Jade, UX Researcher at Safran Analytics!


Jade is a User Experience Researcher at Safran Analytics. A new, user-centered job!

3D loom : carbon fiber

What is your role at Safran Analytics?

I am part of the Design, Collaboration and Creativity Department, where I work alongside UX Designers and IT Prototypers to design data-related prototypes* and put forward new collaborative methodologies. We also play a part in projects for the Group's companies and matters related to Safran Analytics.

We are currently designing a data analysis and processing solution for employees which is intended to improve customer support.

With digital technology, it is possible to produce high-performance technical solutions but we must not lose sight of the fact that they are used by humans. As such, it is necessary to incorporate human factors throughout the design phase to ensure the usefulness and practicality of the solution. As UX Researcher, I am tasked with factoring users into the design of solutions. I do everything I can to improve their day to day! To do this, I study their environment, and thereby analyze human factors and ergonomics**.

This work involves carrying out on-the-ground observations which can prove to be very important, interviews and workshops with users. They are involved throughout projects, which gives us insight into their needs and means they can test solutions as and when they are designed.


What studies did you do to become UX Researcher?

After attending preparatory classes at the INP (network of engineering schools), I then enrolled at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Cognitique***.

What I really liked about this establishment was the importance placed on humans. Indeed, this training enabled me to combine technology and human factors.


What qualities do you need for your job?

You need to be empathetic and caring. Theory can be a far cry from practice so you need to be able to detach yourself from it and put yourself in the user's shoes. When I study a person's behavior, I need to keep a neutral stance and not judge them. They carry out a task in a certain way for a reason and it is my job to understand why. Analytical abilities are therefore essential.

Lastly, inquisitiveness is a key quality for this job. I work with different people every day and on a variety of projects too.


What do you like most about your job?

Firstly, I find the variety of projects fascinating.

It is also very rewarding to work in the aerospace sector with such passionate people who have a twinkle in their eye when they talk about their job.

Lastly, it is really rewarding to make daily life easier for those with whom we work.


Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

That is a good question! My job is new which means there is a lot more I can contribute to Safran. I see myself pursuing the many projects underway and creating new ones!


* A prototype is one of the first units of a mechanical assembly, device or machine which is tested before being manufactured commercially.

** Ergonomics is the quantitative and qualitative study of work within a company which is intended to improve working conditions and productivity. The aim of this science is to try and adapt work to humans by analyzing the various steps of the industrial process, their perception by the person carry out the steps, the transmission of information and, at the same time, learning which must be adapted to the technological constraints.

*** The engineering school trains engineers in matters relating to rigorous ethical and environmental values by putting humans at the center of innovation.