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InRange: when telemetry connects us to space launchers


To ensure the success of launcher or rocket launches, there's nothing more valuable than receiving telemetry data, whether in commercial or sovereign missions. To meet this transmission challenge, even in the most remote regions of the planet, Safran has developed a global satellite telemetry service: InRange. It complements the widely used network of ground stations.

Safran Data Systems Earth Network

Whether it's during the inaugural flight or subsequent missions, telemetry data is essential as it provides a real-time insight into the launcher's performance and operation.

Safran Electronics & Defense's Space division, through its company Safran Data Systems, is continuously investing in new technologies to ensure the transfer and backup of this valuable data, particularly by developing satellite telemetry transmission solutions.

Safran Data Sytems Antenna at night

An innovative and complementary data reception service

Traditionally provided by a network of ground stations installed along the launcher's trajectory, telemetry data is received as soon as the launcher becomes visible to at least one of these ground stations. However, the geographical limitations in deploying these stations represent constraints for the coverage provided by this system. To address this, Safran Data Systems offers a complementary service to its clients: a telemetry supply service in orbit for rockets and launchers.

Safran Data Systems' ambition is to develop the future generations of telemetry transmission. To this end, the company has been collaborating for several years with Inmarsat, a Viasat company specializing in satellite telephony, to develop an innovative service leveraging their global network of geostationary satellites in the L band.

Named InRange, this global satellite telemetry service allows for real-time reception of all data transmitted by the launcher throughout its trajectory, even in the middle of oceans. Today, InRange's positioning is truly unique in the market!

Continuous coverage thanks to Safran technologies

To ensure the proper functioning of this service, Safran Data Systems provides several high-tech equipments, notably for onboard transmission and ground reception. Safran Data Systems also provides all the support for installation, validation, and qualification of the onboard part.

Firstly, there's the DTRDM transmitter, a satellite telemetry transmitter for rockets and launchers. Based on innovative radio-software technology, it allows for easy adjustment of telemetry characteristics to the available frequency bands. Very compact, this transmitter is particularly suitable for New Space micro-launchers.

Next, the Cortex modem, currently the most advanced digital receiver on the market, ensures ground data reception with exceptional signal processing capabilities. This modem, with its wideband radiofrequency signal recording and playback mode, ensures no data loss. It's also a comprehensive tool for tests conducted during ground reception station preparations.

Noël Ballot, Sales & Marketing Director of Safran Data Systems, applauds this achievement, highlighting that meeting the new needs of launch operators is Safran's main objective. "This new technology is a great recognition of the company's expertise in telemetry innovation for the benefit of its clients," he points out.


InRange thus emerges as a revolution in satellite telemetry, paving the way for unparalleled connectivity availability for launch missions.