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industriesolidaire.fr, the new platform to connect healthcare workers and companies that make protective equipment

Corporate social responsibility

In light of the spread of Covid-19, Safran Electrical & Power employees are launching, in a partnership with Mediactive Group: https://industriesolidaire.fr/. This free community platform was designed to connect healthcare professionals and companies that make protective equipment, to facilitate supply and energize the existing movement all over the country.

industriesolidaire.fr is targeting both companies that produce protective equipment (masks, visors, hand sanitizer and other items) and all healthcare professionals (hospital staff, teaching hospitals, nursing homes, self-employed workers, etc.).

The platform is modeled after the website craigslist, but is supported by donations:

  • Registration is free.
  • It lists available donations and company production capacities, as well as the needs of healthcare professionals.
  • Users just have to create an account, then post what they have or what they need.
  • Offers and requests are listed by department. The idea is to connect resources and needs to facilitate fast delivery.
  • If an offer/request interests you: click on it and the contact information will be displayed, so you can connect.
  • The company provides delivery of equipment to healthcare workers.
  • Once your request has been answered, update or delete your post.


This volunteer initiative was launched by a team of Safran employees. "When we wanted to deliver masks and visors made by Safran Electrical & Power to hospitals in Toulouse, we saw that there wasn't an efficient tool for displaying healthcare worker needs. We then decided to develop this platform, with the support of Safran Electrical & Power and Mediactive Group, to connect different entities and efficiently meet needs. We now hope that it will be widely used by companies and healthcare workers,” explained Lisa Dupont, communications manager at Safran Electrical & Power behind this project.