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Hector : Technical Leader at Aero Gearbox International


For as long as he can remember, Hector has always wanted to work in the aviation industry. Now Technical Leader at Aero Gearbox International, he manages a team in charge of designing and developing the accessory drive train for a future Rolls-Royce engine.

3D loom : carbon fiber

Originally from Madrid, 35-year-old Hector Berdion earned his degree in aerospace engineering with a specialisation in aircraft from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2011. A few months earlier, he completed his final year in a start-up led by one of his professors who designs and manufactures innovative windows for buildings.

'I was supposed to stay there for nine months', recalls Hector. He would only remain for six. Eager to fulfil his childhood dream of working in aviation, Hector arranged to finish his internship in Toulouse, France which is the place to be in Europe for the aerospace industry. 'I had planned for everything: a few months earlier, I signed up for French lessons...' recalls Hector, who would end up securing his first position at a Safran sub-contractor. 


'Working hand in hand with clients is a real plus'

In August 2015, prospects changed. Hector joined Aero Gearbox International (AGI), the 50/50 Safran Transmission Systems and Rolls-Royce joint venture, which designs, develops, produces, and provides support for accessory drive trains for all Rolls-Royce future engines. Why did Hector take this decision? 'Simply because as a lover of aeronautics, having the opportunity to work hand in hand with the client, in this case Rolls-Royce, gives me the entry to a very high level technical environment and so much new knowledge that cultivates my curiosity every day.' Furthermore, close collaboration with the main customer also gives Hector a better opportunity to quickly get a handle on their expectations and needs. 'I understand better what they want and why, which is a real advantage.'

One position, three roles

Currently Technical Leader at AGI, Hector primarily fulfils three roles. First, he is the focal point for engineering topics with Rolls-Royce. 'They specifically turn to me when, for example, they want to talk about product specifications, interfaces, and more.' He is also the technical representative in the Programme Team. Finally, he manages the team responsible for designing and developing a new product. Hector passionately and enthusiastically takes on these roles, happy in the knowledge that he is finally doing what he dreamed of for so long.