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Hans Chamlong, supporting production in Corbeil

Human resources

Supporting industrial production is one of the many services that Safran Engineering Services offers its clients. Hans Chamlong is a methods technician and works directly on the production lines in Corbeil, where aircraft motor parts are produced. He spoke to us about this activity, which he is passionate about.

After receiving his machining technician professional diploma in Fort de France, Hans Chamlong moved to the Paris region to continue his studies there. He received a BTS in mechanical product industrialization and a professional degree in computer-assisted production, while working part-time at the incorporated company Romestant as part of the studies. “As a subcontractor for Safran, I updated work instructions. I also offered solutions to improve ergonomics and methods at workstations.” He discovered Safran’s activities first-hand and began to look for opportunities within the Group.

In 2016, he joined Safran Engineering Services as a methods technician on assignment for Safran Aircraft Engines on the Corbeil site. He was tasked with updating workshop ranges and implementing them in a new software. Little by little, he took on new responsibilities. Today, he is in charge of part refinishing operations. “In the morning, I review part anomalies and refinishing procedures to complete with the teams. I then work on the correction process in connection with operators, quality and technicians until the parts are put back into production,” he explained. In parallel, he manages method action sheets: “For example, when co-workers need a new tool or have to implement a new procedure, I take their requests into account,” he added.

What he prefers in his line of work is “getting to be in contact with different people who have influence over the production means; following production procedures; working in production with coworkers; and responding to the workshop’s needs,” he added. As for the future: “My goal is to be completely self-sufficient in my new position and to be able to carry out all of my responsibilities properly. I also want to improve my knowledge of manufacturing procedures for our aircraft motor parts,” he concluded.