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Greenpoint Technologies receives Seattle Design Award

3D loom : carbon fiber
Hosted by the Seattle Design Center, the ceremony aims to honor outstanding interior design in the region and recognize projects across a range of styles and spaces. The Exotic Retreats category includes designs for yachts, jets, and unique spaces or vacation sanctuaries that do not serve as a primary residence.
“The 787-9 Azure interior reflects the freedom of artistry, engineering and innovation. Greenpoint Design partners closely with Engineering to create these amazing interior (buildable) concept designs. This award represents a culmination of Greenpoint’s talent and our underlying spirit of teamwork,” affirms Greenpoint Design Director, Annika Wicklund.
The Greenpoint Design Team is also shortlisted in the International Yacht & Aviation Design Awards for their Crystal AirCruisesTM 777-200LR interior design. Greenpoint recently won a contract for two (2) 787 V-VIP interior.