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Greenpoint Technologies and Spike Aerospace Sign MOU

3D loom : carbon fiber

Spike Aerospace is developing a supersonic business jet through a global collaboration of elite aerospace companies. Spike and Greenpoint signed an MOU which defines the Design relationship and offers Greenpoint’s experience and knowledge in interior design, engineering and technology to accelerate the development phase of the VIP business interior.

Greenpoint EVP Bret Neely emphasizes, “Greenpoint’s culture focuses on innovative frontiers in business aviation for private clients and Heads-of-State. The V-VIP 787-8 and 747-8 interior completions, and the VIP 747-8 Aeroloft® and Aerolift™ represent the company’s aspiration to design, engineer and deliver novel, highly technical programs. The S-512 supersonic interior fits perfectly in Greenpoint’s pioneering portfolio.”

Spike Aerospace President and CEO Vik Kachoria states, “I believe supersonic flight is primarily about building better relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. The interior will reflect modern comforts for the next generation to conduct business faster than the speed of sound. Greenpoint’s award-winning design and engineering team is an ideal interior partner for our S-512 program. We are very excited to be working with Greenpoint!”

The next step for the companies include an interior study with engineering and design to capture the interior’s possibilities. Greenpoint’s goal is for the artistic visualization to be as close to the actual product as possible, with photo-realistic renders that capture the excitement of the supersonic vision.