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Geonyx™ M - The 1st French amphibious inertial navigation system for marine commandos


On June 29 2021 at SOFINS, Safran Electronics & Defense, long-standing leader in inertia, unveiled GEONYX™M, its first amphibious inertial navigation system, designed for and with marine commandos. The first time in France!


In an increasingly connected world, antagonistic state or asymmetric forces (terrorists, pirates, traffickers in arms, narcotics or human beings) are intensifying their attacks, diversifying and using increasingly sophisticated systems and technologies. The capacity of Governments to preserve their sovereignty depends to a great extent on the technological autonomy of their armed forces.

French and foreign special marine forces are highly exposed to jamming and decoy threats affecting navigation and pointing of radar and artillery systems. They cannot rely on technologies that make use of satellites such as GPS, because their frequencies are vulnerable. That’s why inertial navigation is a superior solution, since it is based on permanent physical principles.



To meet the specific needs of marine commandos, who are deployed both at sea and on land, in partnership with FUSCOL@B (the ALFUSCO innovation laboratory of the French marines), Safran Electronics & Defense has designed a hybrid navigation system: GeonyxTM M !

GeonyxTM M is designed for naval speed boat platforms such as ECUME or landing craft, and also for land-based platforms, in particular amphibious vehicles, where it offers two types of applications:


  1. Navigation: at sea and on land, regardless of the weather conditions, with a minimum alignment time.
  2. Pointing: des radars et des armes d’artillerie, with precision less than 1 mils.


To guarantee this unique versatility, the best of its generation, GeonyxTM M reaps the advantages of technologies and feedback from other Safran Electronics & Defense product ranges: GeonyxTM (land vehicles), ArgonyxTM (surface vessels) and Black-OnyxTM (submarines). This legacy enables it to deliver a true breakthrough in terms of performance, reliability, precision and robustness! 



Unlike other inertial systems, GeonyxTM M is completely insensitive to its environment, which enables it to operate in extreme conditions. Reliability in any conditions thanks to its Hemispheric Resonator Gyroscope, the HRG CrystalTM. This disruptive and multi-purpose inertial technology patented by Safran Electronics & Defense guarantees a virtually unlimited operating life, innovative architecture, an optimal power/weight/dimensions ratio, and yet is completely silent. This is an unprecedented combination of characteristics on the market! 



The ultimate asset of this versatile, compact, modular system is that it has been designed to integrate directly into the pilot console and to interface with system software, such as SIMMRAD for French naval forces. As a stand-alone system it does not need any external sensors in order to function, and can be installed on board any kind of vehicle without requiring external suspension.

GeonyxTM M is the heir to more than 70 years of expertise in inertial navigation. It is fully aligned with the purpose of Safran Electronics & Defense: to guarantee the technological superiority of armed forces and contribute to preserving nations’ sovereignty.