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Generators, motors: so smart machines! (e-Power talks)


Giovanni Raimondi, Director of R&T Programs at Safran Electrical & Power UK (Pitstone), spoke about aircraft electrification and how smart generators, smart motors and other new machines are opening the door to switching more and more functions to electricity.

3D loom : carbon fiber

Safran is developing two families of smart machines for the more electric aircraft and focusing most specifically on electric propulsion. This technology needs to be as simple as possible, easy to integrate and, most importantly, lightweight. And some of these systems are already airborne. Then he spoke about the two big issues that smart machines are addressing: the aviation sector’s long-term sustainability (which will require a drastic drop in CO2 emissions) and the boom in on-demand mobility. The expert’s full talk is right here:

The next e-Power talk at the Safran stand will focus on Start & Stop technology and how it can also work in the aeronautics sector.