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Gender equality in the workplace: Safran advocates gender diversity

Corporate social responsibility

The Gender Equality European and International Standard (GEEIS) intended to promote gender equality in the workplace was bestowed upon Safran in January 2018 for Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Poland. A decisive step forwards in the implementation of common standards at Group level.

Control of pinches on the flaps of the C919 nacelle

Safran is the first group in the aerospace sector to have been awarded this label. As Alain Lorgeoux, Head of the Diversity and CSR Department, states: "However, it is not an end in itself. On the contrary, it's the point of departure for a continuous improvement drive. The audit took place in some of our European entities*, making it possible to take stock of our performance. We now need to draw up an action plan in order to make progress in all of our sites in Europe and worldwide too." The GEEIS label is intended to be a tool for managing gender equality and diversity policies in the workplace and is aimed at major international groups. Awarded for a four-year period, it contributes to the level of maturity and provides for an intermediary assessment, after two years, to gauge the progress made.

A proactive policy

Diversity as a performance driver and source of well-being for all employees: this is the belief in which Safran is rooting its commitment to the approach. Several actions are being implemented to increase female representation among staff by attracting female profiles to careers in aerospace and by promoting the role of women in industry (partnerships with schools, associations, etc.). Within the Group, special attention is being given to career development and equal pay. In 2017, women accounted for almost 35% of new hires and 26% of the Group's headcount worldwide.


Working together more effectively

Such initiatives, as well as local best practices pinpointed during the GEEIS audit, will provide a basis for building a consolidated action plan. "The first assessment let us take stock of that which already exists and showed us the route we have to take," says Axelle Gerber, CSR Manager at Safran. On this basis, a working group is currently thinking about a roadmap which will factor in country- and company-specific issues while ensuring consistency at Group level.” Several issues have already been pinpointed: the diversity of professions, female access to positions of responsibility, work-life balance and social relationships between men and women. "Our approach goes above and beyond the expectations of regulations and indicators," emphasizes Alain Lorgeoux. "It hinges on a qualitative assessment of the way in which women and men work together at Safran and the way in which women can assume their rightful place."


Learn more

- The Group's commitment to gender equality was reiterated in two recent agreements:

- The European agreement to support the employment of young people, which was renewed in September 2017

- The Global framework agreement on working conditions, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, signed in October 2017



* Safran, Safran Aircraft Engines (France), Safran Transmission Systems (France and Poland), Safran Electrical & Power (France, Germany and United Kingdom).