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French Military Intelligence Directorate celebrates 25th anniversary at Creil air base, spotlighting the contribution of Safran’s optronic systems


The celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Military Intelligence Directorate at the Creil air force base is an excellent opportunity to highlight Safran’s contribution to the success of intelligence missions. Safran has developed proven expertise in the most advanced optronics and target location technologies, and is spotlighting two major solutions during this event: the new Patroller tactical drone system, along with its Euroflir 410 optronics payload, and the new-generation JIM family of multifunction infrared binoculars.

Patroller, the French army’s enhanced new tactical drone

The Patroller from Safran Electronics & Defense is the French army’s new tactical drone system. It provides a quantum leap forward in technologies and capabilities for both homeland security and deployment in foreign theaters of operation. The new Patroller drone features a modular architecture and the ability to carry multiple payloads: optronic sensors like the Euroflir 410, imaging radar, SIGINT (signal intelligence) and other electronic warfare (EW) systems, etc. With endurance in the 20-hour class, the Patroller can loiter over a zone of interest to support all types of military intelligence missions, from mission planning to strike assessment.

The Patroller drone is easily integrated in the digital battlefield, and it is interoperable with joint services command and control networks. It will therefore play a pivotal role in multi-sensor intelligence maneuvers, as well as targeting operations. The new Patroller system will be deployed by the French army’s 61st artillery regiment towards the end of 2018.

Showcased along with the Patroller, the Euroflir 410 optronics system is a key to the performance of the drone’s imaging system, by providing high-precision target search, identification and location functions, day or night. Incorporating advanced stabilization techniques and image processing software, the Euroflir 410 comprises several very-high-resolution optronic sensors (visible, infrared, video, multi-spectral spotter, laser rangefinder and pointer), which provides a vital edge for all ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions.

JIM multifunction infrared binoculars: image intelligence from the front-line

JIM tactical multifunction infrared binoculars (Jumelle infrarouge multifonction) combine a number of advanced functions in a single package: day/night (thermal) vision, rangefinding, laser pointer, compass, GPS, image and video recording and interfaces for data transmission and remote control. Safran constantly upgrades its optronics product offering; for instance, the JIM family is now compatible with the Sterna north seeker made by subsidiary Safran Vectronix, as well as with remotely operated tactical terminals.

Featuring an open architecture and high-performance optronic sensors, Safran’s JIM family of infrared binoculars forms the multifunction optronic core of intelligence systems operating across the full spectrum of defense, intelligence and security missions: human intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, dismounted combat, close support for networked air-land forces, and protection of troops, borders and coastlines. A number of different units in the French armed forces, including intelligence, special forces and conventional units, count on JIM binoculars

More than 9,000 JIM systems are now in service or on order with over 40 countries worldwide, including several members of NATO.