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François’s Fabulous Safran Adventure

Human resources

This is the story of François, a young administration and business management student, who landed at the Safran Electrical & Power headquarters for his first professional internship. Enamored, he returned for his Master 1 and Master 2 internships, and followed these up with a Volontariat International d’Entreprise (VIE)—France’s international internship program—in Twinsburg. Safran Electrical & Power welcomes 500 future professionals like François every year. Interview.

Your professional experience has been 100% Safran. Why?

I went where opportunity took me. I applied at Safran Electrical & Power for my internship at the end of my DUT [undergraduate technical diploma], because I had a friend who did a work-study program here. Then, I wanted to stay at the same company and work in a different department. After my Master 1 internship, I was offered a work-study position then a VIE as a financial analyst in Twinsburg. Developing my skills at the same company, in several different departments and over several years was a great opportunity and that’s why I stayed.

What was your experience from one site to another like?

At Safran Electrical & Power’s head office in Toulouse, you get a global perspective. At Twinsburg however, you are more connected with the realities of the field. That is what motivated me. At the head office, you are removed from the final product. I did not see the manufacturing side of Safran. In Twinsburg, I was close to engineers and workers, which brings meaning to the data you manipulate. The head office has a big corporation feel while Twinsburg has more of a medium-size business vibe. We all work for Safran but it feels different. I’m really happy that Safran Electrical & Power allowed me to get such diverse work experience in so little time.

What is next for you?

My project is to go on a humanitarian mission abroad as part of the International Civic Service Commitment. With my VIE internship, I got international work experience but not humanitarian experience. This contract allowed me to travel, to improve my English and perfect my skills, knowing I could always delay the humanitarian mission. I find my current work very stimulating. It requires a lot of analysis, thought and strategy. This short-term contract is perfect for me because I’m not ready to settle down. I still want to move around.