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Flylight, spotlight on the data interconnection systems revolution (e-Power talk)


The next e-Power talk at the Paris Air Show was by Christophe De March, Technical and Innovation Director of Interconnection Systems at Safran Electrical & Power, who spoke about the Flylight data interconnection system using fiber optics.

3D loom : carbon fiber

Electrical harnesses are carrying more and more data to support ever more services in aircraft. On the flipside, all that data needs more wiring, and more wiring means more weight, more maintenance and other issues.

Safran Electrical & Power’s answer, Flylight (which it developed in partnership with CAILabs), is a pioneering data transport system that uses fiber optics, not electric cables. It can carry virtually unlimited amounts of data, weighs less (because it uses fewer wires) and is much simpler to install and maintain.