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“The Flight Club”, your new educational series on aeronautics!


Aeronautics for all! That’s what the “The Flight Club”, our new series of educational videos, is all about. Its goal? To shed light on the sector’s major challenges and to highlight Safran’s technological breakthroughs developed to meet them. Here’s a quick three-minute overview! For this first episode, join club members Sofia, Jade, Bess, Sam and Elliott as they (re)discover the basics of RISE, CFM International’s technology program*.

The Flight Club - educational series

The Flight Club - What's that engine?

The Flight Club – What’s that engine? : 03 minutes and 33 seconds

Picture a place where experts and amateurs of all walks of life can regularly meet to exchange on the major challenges of the aeronautics sector. Now imagine that this meeting could allow participants to learn the key elements of a topic in just… three minutes. And what if we told you that this place actually exists? 

Welcome to “The Flight Club”! Join Sofia, Elliott, Bess, Sam and Jade, and gain a better understanding of the technologies of the future and the Group’s strategic challenges through topics such as sustainable fuels, engine hybridization or additive manufacturing.

"The Flight Club" - characters

In this first episode, we take a closer look at a major project developed by CFM International: the RISE program! Designed to replace the current generation of engines, RISE offers high hopes for the decarbonization of aviation. Whether you are an expert on the topic or a novice, (re)discover the engine of the future from a different point of view thanks to “The Flight Club”, and don’t hesitate to share this information with those around you!


* CFM International is a 50/50 joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines and General Electric Aerospace.