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Father’s Day at Safran in the U.S.: spotlighting a father-son engineering duo in Kentucky


June 18, 2021

In honor of Father’s Day, the focus is on a father-son engineer duo at Safran Landing Systems in Walton, Kentucky. Patrick Loisy and his son, Damien, share their career highlights and explain what it is like to work in the same field.

What are your roles?

Patrick: I’m a Senior Process Engineer, working on capital projects for the Walton Carbon Facility.

Damien: My current responsibility is as the Carbon Process Engineering Manager.


Why did both of you decide to work at Safran Landing Systems?

Patrick: I worked for the company that was the precursor of Carbone Industrie (GEPEM).  Carbon Industrie was later integrated within Messier-Bugatti, which now is Safran Landing Systems. 

Damien: I did my final internship with Safran in 2007 and continued as a process engineer in 2008 upon graduation.


How can fathers inspire their children for career success?

Patrick: For me, it’s being a good role model.  Taking pride, and enjoying what you do, is very important as well. Also, helping children find a path they can enjoy is a key factor; but they must commit and learn as much as possible about their desired career field. I am very proud that Damien chose to pursue a career in engineering, and I am happy to be able to share my knowledge with him.


Did your father play a role in inspiring you to become an engineer? 

Damien: Yes, he has.  I was around him and his colleagues many times, especially during the start-up of operations in Walton.  The work seemed very engaging and rewarding. My father taught me to take a very common-sense approach to problems, and I learned to build close relationships with everyone and treat people with respect. 


What are your top three engineering tips?

Damien: I recommend finding what you enjoy in your field: it can be development, installation and startup of equipment or industrialization.  Find the experts or the people that are clearly knowledgeable, and learn as much as possible from them.  Be reliable, and perform your work with integrity.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Safran Landing Systems?

Patrick: I particularly enjoyed being part of the startup team for all three Safran carbon facilities, which covered the U.S., Europe and Asia: (Villeurbanne, France; Walton in Kentucky, and Sendayan, Malaysia).