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The Falcon 5X takes flight with the Silvercrest nacelle system from Safran Nacelles


July 5, 2017

The latest nacelle system from Safran Nacelles to go airborne is on Dassault Aviation’s all-new Falcon 5X twin-engine business jet, which performed its first flight today from Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport in southwestern France.

Safran Nacelles has responsibility for the nacelle’s complete design, production and integration. The engine/nacelle combination was developed as an integrated powerplant system by Safran Aircraft Engines and Safran Nacelles.

The Silvercrest nacelle components supplied by Safran Nacelles consist of the air inlet, inner and outer fan ducts, fan cowl doors and the company's patented PERT® thrust reverser. Design features include the increased use of composite materials for their lightness, more extensive acoustic treatment (notably at the air inlet) and improved aerodynamic design of the nacelle systems.

Safran Nacelles’ PERT® (Planar Exit Rear Target) thrust reverser for Silvercrest is a proven design with two pivoting doors that serve as the engine's exhaust exit during flight, and which are deployed on landing for the reverse thrust function. This concept combines thrust reverser efficiency with a saving in weight.

Today’s first flight of the no. 1 Falcon 5X marks the start of preliminary flight tests before the commencement of this ultra-widebody aircraft’s full-fledged flight test campaign, scheduled to begin next year.

The Falcon 5X is the latest Dassault Aviation business jet equipped by Safran Nacelles, joining the tri-jet Falcon 7X and Falcon 8X aircraft.