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European Defense Fund: Safran Electronics & Defense selected from 10 of its 12 submitted projects


On 26 June 2023, the European Commission announced the projects selected under the European Defense Fund. The funding, amounting to 832 million euro, will be distributed among 41 projects to research and develop the European Union’s defense capabilities. Safran Electronics & Defense is involved in ten of the 12 projects.

logo du Fonds européen de défense 2023

Each year, the European Commission funds select projects to promote the development of high-end defense capabilities of the European Union in critical areas such as naval, land, air combat, components, sensors, space, and cyber.

Safran Electronics & Defense will participate in ten selected projects, including two through Safran Data Systems. Safran Trusted 4D and Safran Sensing Technologies Norway also join the adventure by making their products available in two programs.

The French State adds a co-funding to the budget allocated to these ten projects.


In what projects is Safran Electronics & Defense involved (and its subsidiaries Safran Data Systems, Safran Trusted 4D, and Safran Sensing Technologies Norway)?


  • An adaptive camouflage system for vehicles.

Link: ACROSS - Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • A multifunctional intelligent textile for integrated soldier system.

Link: ARMETISS - Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • EUROGUARD (with the support of Safran Trusted 4D, providing an integrated VersaSync)
  • A European naval platform capable of conducting various autonomous operations in coastal areas.

Link: EUROGUARD - Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • EPICURE (with support from Safran Sensing Technologies Norway)
  • An integrated circuit envelope to ensure reliable electronics for the defense sector.

Link: EPICURE - Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • A future air system for European tactical transport.

Link: FASETT - Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  •  The development of intelligent military capabilities to evacuate contagious, injured, and contaminated staff.

Link: iMEDCAP-Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • A solution that enhances, optimizes, automates, and accelerates tactical command and combat capabilities for the operational superiority of land forces.

Link: LATACC-Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • REACTS (Safran Data Systems with the participation of the Navigation Department)
  • A European space architecture that will provide a resilient and scalable network of fully interoperable reactive space systems capable of launching satellites and starting data delivery within 72 hours.

Link: REACTS-Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • SPIDER (Safran Data Systems)
  • A solution that will improve the constellations of multi-mission satellites dedicated to space intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance (ISR).

Link: SPIDER-Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)


  • A shared database for recognition and evaluation of optronic images.

Link: STORE-Factsheet_EDF22.pdf (europa.eu)



To find the projects and key figures of the 2022 European Defence Fund, click here: EDF 2022 - Results General Factsheet.pdf (europa.eu)

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