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Electricity for a cleaner sky (e-Power talk)


Nicolas Jeuland, Future Fuels Expert, spoke about “Electricity for a cleaner sky” at Safran’s stand on Friday June 21st 2019, wrapping up this Air Show’s e-Power talks.

3D loom : carbon fiber


The big question is how to keep on flying and make the sky a cleaner place at the same time. We won’t be seeing all-electric aircraft anytime soon but there are several other options to lower carbon emissions. Safran is very active on the French government’s Green Growth Commitment (ECV for Engagement pour la Croissance Verte) and invests 75% of its research budget in initiatives to shrink its environmental footprint.

Electric taxiing, propulsion hybridization, lighter loads (water on board, cabins, seats, etc.), switching to biofuels (made from agricultural residues, oils, recycled grease from restaurant wastewater, etc.) are several of the leads that the Group’s researchers are exploring to make the sky a cleaner place.