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e-Config-File: Safran Electrical & Power manages and commercializes services regarding the configuration file used to re-program the electrical distribution following aircraft modifications


Strong of its expertise in electrical systems, Safran Electrical & Power is the partner of choice for airlines and customers in charge of cabin & cargo modifications, and aircraft refurbishment (for example, at the end of a lease) that impact electrical systems. These modifications lead to electrical changes. These modifications must be compiled and updated thanks to Safran Electrical & Power dedicated solution: The Configuration File (CF).


As a systems manufacturer, Safran Electrical & Power supports its customers to ease the update of the electrical configuration using its specially designed tool: the e-conf-file. Updating the electrical configuration is mandatory for all airlines that want to modify their cabin or cargo bay. “Any cabin modifications inevitably affects the plane’s electrical systems,” explains Morgann Toulemonde, technical support manager at Safran Electrical & Power. “In order to modify the electrical systems, the configuration file that interfaces with the machine has to be updated, the e-conf-file indicates all the configurations changes to be executed.” This is when Safran Electrical & Power comes in.

“Customers have to come to Safran Electrical & Power to update and execute the e-conf-file. As an electrical systems manufacturer, Safran Electrical & Power has the technical expertise to offer the right level of support, even for the most challenging electrical modifications. Thanks to this expertise, a turnkey solution “the e-conf-file” has been developed to perform the electrical configuration update even remotely” he explains. As an expert in electrical distribution systems including the secondary electrical distribution systems (often impacted by aircraft modifications), Safran Electrical & Power can tailor the e-conf-file based on the customers’ specifications. Safran Electrical & Power offers not just its expertise, but also a swift and adaptable service. For example, Safran Electrical & Power provides an initial test file to the customer to check the applicability and integrity of the solution before delivering the final file.

 “We have already provided our services to the German armed forces during the Airbus A350 modifications campaigns in 2020 and 2022 and to institutional airlines. We also support customers involved in ultra-VIP aircraft modifications by providing technical analysis and the associated e-conf-file. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can work together on a solution that fits your requirements to support any electrical modifications thanks to our e-conf-file,” concludes Morgann Toulemonde.