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Digitization of the supply chain: Safran Landing Systems connects to Dassault and Zodiac on the AirSupply Platform


As part of efforts to improve the performance of its Supply Chain, Safran Landing Systems has just connected to the computerized exchange platform with two new partners, Dassault and Zodiac, as supplier and customer respectively.

AirSupply, a digital collaboration tool for supply chain actors

AirSupply is a Supply Chain Management service that covers all exchanges between customers and suppliers, from the supply plan to delivery of the equipment. The solution is available to the entire European aerospace sector as part of the BoostAeroSpace consortium, created in 2009 by Airbus, Airbus Group, Thales, Dassault and Safran. 

The advantages of the portal

The AirSupply portal is a shared, integrated platform that harmonizes and secures information exchanged between customers and suppliers. The portal provides information on forecast needs and allows the user to view the entire order flow as well as manage logistics. It has a mirrored interface that displays the same view to customer and vendor for better mutual understanding and a virtually instant connection.

Safran Landing Systems now uses this shared portal for two types of needs, in line with its dual role as both customer and supplier.

Go Live with Dassault - "sell side"

On the commercial side, Safran Landing Systems has been working on AirSupply since 2012. More than 200 internal users work daily with customers such as Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and ATR. On July 4 this year, Safran Landing Systems made its first connection on the portal with Dassault. The next customer to join the portal will be Airbus Defense & Space, a source of high demand for the A400M order portfolio. The migration should happen some time around 2019.


Go Live with Zodiac - "buy side"

In early July, Safran Landing Systems also celebrated - this time as a customer - the go live with Zodiac, the first of Safran Landing Systems' suppliers to have been signed up to the portal. Safran Landing Systems is working on a two-year deployment plan. Eventually, 200 suppliers representing 91% of the order flow must be connected to the interface, 20 of them by the end of the year.