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DigiBuy: an app to make Safran-supplier relationships smoother


The Safran Purchasing Division continues its digital transformation with the introduction of digiBuy: a collaborative app to manage relationships between Safran's buyers and all its suppliers. digiBuy was rolled out in July with a base module of functions and will be progressively deployed worldwide across all Group companies by the end of 2024. Spotlight on this innovative solution for a responsible Procurement policy.

Two men shaking hands as part of a business exchange.

A significant change is coming for Group buyers and suppliers around the world. Because operational excellence and competitiveness require high-quality supplier relationships, Safran has developed digiBuy: a digital platform for buyers, suppliers, and all stakeholders in Safran supplier relationships (supplier quality correspondents, Supplier Performance Managers, etc.).

The aim? Facilitate and smooth out trade between Safran and its suppliers using a simplified interface that consolidates all the essential information. The primary aim of this application is to improve collaboration between parties.

digiBuy will provide a global, centralized vision of data concerning each supplier. Their information will be updated partly by appointed supplier correspondents in each company, which will enable better control of invitations to tender. The app will also serve as a contract management platform between Safran and its suppliers to improve collaborative monitoring.

The digiBuy app applies to production purchasing (within each company and centrally with the Group Purchasing Performance Division) and to non-production purchasing. It will feature a web portal for suppliers and a specific "Supplier Relationship Manager" module for buyers.

Using digiBuy, Safran suppliers will be able to:

  • Upload general company documents (depending on the country and type of purchase) related to the services to deliver and in progress;
  • Update and ensure the integrity of data to raise the quality of communications;
  • Communicate directly with Safran correspondents using instant messaging;
  • Submit tenders more simply and efficiently;
  • Negotiate and conclude contracts;
  • Sign contractual documents on the DocaPoste "e-signature" platform, with the added benefit of digital continuity from digiBuy.


The first wave of the roll-out started last July with a module of basic functions. It concerns around 400 users at Safran (Safran Landing Systems, Safran Purchasing and the Group Purchasing Performance Division), along with 4,000 suppliers. At the time of writing in mid-October, almost 1,000 suppliers are already using it.

Further functions will be phased in with a second module covering sourcing itself, then a third module for contract management in early 2024, incorporating digital continuity with the electronic signature platform. In total, over 2,000 users in the Group and 30,000 suppliers worldwide will have access to the platform by the end of 2024.