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Cyber Campus: Safran joins the French cybersecurity center of excellence

Frédéric Verger EVP, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer
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On February 15th, Olivier Andriès, the CEO of Safran, participated in the inauguration of the Cyber Campus, a cybersecurity center of excellence. About fifty Safran employees will join the site located in Puteaux near Paris to work on determining a defense plan against cyber threats alongside major national and international experts in the field.

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Hackers beware! Cyber Campus, which has brought together the crème de la crème of cybersecurity experts, has opened its doors!

On Tuesday, February 15th, Olivier Andriès, the Chief Executive Officer of Safran, and Frédéric Verger, the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer of Safran, participated in the opening ceremony for this emblematic center for cybersecurity. Also in attendance were Bruno le Maire, the French Minister for the Economy, Finance, and Economic Recovery, and Frédérique Vidal, the French Minister for Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.

"The Inauguration of the Cyber Campus is a major step in implementing [French] President Emmanuel Macron's national strategy for cybersecurity. It is a vitally important issue for our sovereignty and an essential economic opportunity for our entrepreneurs and start-ups."
Bruno le Maire, French Minister for the Economy, Finance, and Economic Recovery

The 26,000-m2 space will gradually welcome 1,800 IT security professionals and experts from large companies (including Safran, Airbus, Thales, Orange, Atos, IBM, and more), SMEs, governmental agencies (such as the National Agency for Information System Security, or ANSSI, as well as the national police force), training organizations, research establishments (like the National Institute for Research into Sciences and Digital Technologies or INRIA), and charitable organizations.

"Accelerating the digital transformation across all sectors, modernizing our information systems, and strengthening our cybersecurity are strategic priorities for Safran. We are therefore very proud to be a part of this venture with Cyber Campus alongside other industry actors, start-ups, and various information security researchers."
Olivier Andriès, the Chief Executive Officer of Safran


In 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron set out to create Cyber Campus, "a more united, more powerful security ecosystem" to face cyber threats that are becoming increasingly worrisome for companies and countries alike.

Cyber Campus was founded on four pillars:

  • Operations to encourage data sharing between stakeholders and strengthen everyone's ability to manage digital risks
  • Innovation to promote synergies between public and private stakeholders and to guide technological innovation
  • Training to help various people (including government officials, employees, students, and people changing careers) gain more skills
  • Mobilization to raise awareness of this field through events that foster dialog and the discovery of changes in trust in the digital world.




In 2021, Safran launched a "cyber plan" to strengthen its detection and protection methods for cyber threats since they can have serious consequences. It includes elements like strengthening peripheral security and increasing automatic reaction capacity. Learn more

As part of this plan, the Group decided to be come a member of the Cyber Campus to benefit from the dynamics of the various IT security actors involved. "The new Cyber Campus is an incredible initiative from public authorities. Safran is placing 50 employees from its cybersecurity team on the Cyber Campus and will undertake a collaborative effort full of many interactions with the ecosystem being created. We will be stronger together," says Frédéric Verger, the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer for the Group.


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Frédéric Verger EVP, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer